This work describes the application of digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras in astronomy science. A definition of the term raw file format is given. As with formats like FITS or TIFF, the CR2 file format is explained beeing a dis- closed, and well documented raw file format. Results from raw image file decom- position with different software tools, and a comparison of imaging with a digital SLR camera and a professional grade CCD detector are presented. The analysis of noise and image histograms will help to recover problems with raw file format de- composition tools and their adjustment. Without doubt, digital SLR cameras are suited for special scientific applications. Further implications from this work are a detailed analysis of noise characteristics to achieve high quality imaging at very low light levels from raw files taken with digital SLR cameras.

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Bauer, Thilo. The RAW Image File Format Problem - Applications of Digital SLR Cameras in Astronomy and Science. Proceedings of the 4th Annual Meeting on Information Technology & Computer Science at the BA-University of Cooperative Education, H. Weghorn (Ed.), Stuttgart, ISSN 1614-2519, February 2008

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