This project is founded to explore the limits of astronomical image processing and the possible achievement of Super-Resolution from astronomical imagery.

In the 80ies of the last century, modern imaging detectors started a new revolution of astronomical observation techniques and finally eliminated the photographic plate. However, scientists noted and still note systematic errors with photometry and astrometry of the pixel sensors. As these commonly are ignored as observational notices questions gained attraction to the initiator of the project:

  • Do any limits exist?
  • What will cause these limits?
  • Is it possible to step over existing barriers?

Over the last 15 years, the initiator collected these hints and annotations about related problems. Fundamental keys are seen in the improvement of position measures and the improvement of photometry. A further key technology obviously is high-resolution imaging from long-exposures. As pixel dimensions do not seem to form any limit, these techniques are known as Super-Resolution. is founded to find the answers to these problems from the perspective of the information technology. is provided as a board for the status report.

A story of success has just begun.