Monthly Notices

A collection of observational notices and experiences not really given on a monthly base. But, with time I will add a few discussions what might be done with amateur equipment. This is not a real blog, but feel free to contact me, if you have any concerns or comments about my Monthly Notices.

1 Noise properties of certain Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras 5310
2 Photometric Standard Stars II: RGB Color Photometry of Open Clusters between Declination +30° and +70° 15532
3 Photometry and the detection of scattered light in telescopes 8296
4 NGC 147: A Dwarf Galaxy Hitting Low Surface Brightness beyond 24 Vmag 6489
5 What is Super-Resolution Imaging? 24035
6 Anleitung zur Bestimmung der Grenzhelligkeit für Messier 51 5662
7 P Cygni and the surrounding interstellar matter 4230
8 Photometric Standard Stars I: White Dwarfs at Positive Declination 5867
9 Messier 81 - Detection of Limiting Magnitude of a Spiral Galaxy 3730
Image of the Month

Interstellar Gas in Cygnus