NGC 3190 - Hickson 44 (a)

The spiral galaxy NGC 3190 belongs to the group of galaxies called Hickson 44. Only a few pictures made with a DSLR still exist in the net. If there are any pictures, the exposure time is given in hours. My personal observation was not very long exposed to gain an impression of the field, however there was some image processing done with a new software architecture which has been presented earlier.

In the field a high proper motion star is found with binary components moving at about 300 mas/y (milli arcseconds per year). Is it a possible physical pair?

The following faint galaxies were identified in the field: NGC 3185,  NGC 3187,  NGC 3190,  NGC 3193, LEDA 86788 and an anonymous galaxy 1016+2158.

Simbad: Coordinates and astronomical description

Telescope:Vixen VC200L, focal reducer f/6.4, Sphinx SXD
Camera:Canon EOS 40D-a, 400 ISO, Astronomik UV/IR block filter
Exposure:44 x 30s
Calibration:Dark (100 images), sky flatfield (100 images)
Image Processing:Shift & add with correction of subpixel movement, improved noise reduction
Date of exposure:09 March 2010, 00:12 h MEZ
Software:ArgusPro SE
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