Messier 42 - The great Orion Nebula

The great Orion Nebula (Messier 42, NGC 1976) is not a very simple object to observe. Especially in winter the seeing in nearby city regions will blurr the image dramatically. Another effect is the atmospheric diffraction, which causes colored stellar spectra (threads) instead of sharp stellar images. This can be corrected with special software. Standard tools, like Photoshop, are overstrained with the enormous range of the intensity distribution in the image. The intensity distribution of the image below has been stretched with a characteristic curve of a cubic function. 

Simbad: Coordinates and astronomical description

Telescope:Vixen VC200L, focal reducer f/6.4, Sphinx SXD
Camera:Canon EOS 40D-a, 400 ISO
Filter Astronomik UV/IR block filter
Exposure:44 x 30s
Calibration:Dark (400 images), sky flatfield (100 images)
Image Processing:Shift & add with correction of subpixel movement
Date of exposure:07 March 2010, 19:40h MEZ
Software:ArgusPro SE
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