NGC 5350 - Group of Galaxies

The spiral galaxy NGC 5350 belongs to a group of galaxies, which is found in the Canes Venatici star constellation. The size of the galaxy is about 2 arcmin. Visual brightness is B=12.4 in the blue light. The distance is estimated to 33 Mpc which is around 107 million light years.

Visual observation of the galaxy was reported with larger amateur telescopes (aperture > 10 inch). 

The following faint galaxies were identified in the field: NGC 5350, NGC 5353, NGC 5354, NGC 5355, NGC 5358, NGC 5371, UGC 8841, Markarian 462

Simbad: Coordinates and astronomical description

Telescope:Vixen VC200L, focal reducer f/6.4, Sphinx SXD
Camera:Canon EOS 40D-a, 400 ISO, Astronomik UV/IR block filter
Exposure:64 x 30s
Calibration:Dark (200 images), sky flatfield (200 images)
Image Processing:Shift & add with correction of subpixel movement, improved noise reduction
Date of exposure:16./17. February 2010
Software:ArgusPro SE
Remark:Image slightly out of focus, after change of battery pack.
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