NGC 1931

The open galactic cluster NGC 1931 is located in the star constellation Auriga. NGC 1931 is a nice cluster embedded in an emission and reflection nebula. Astronomical image processing done with ArgusPro SE, color processing applied using Photoshop CS3.


Telescope:Vixen VC200L, focal reducer f/6.4, Sphinx SXD
Camera:Canon EOS 60D, clear glass modification (clear glass modified), 400 ASA
Filter:Astronomik UV/IR EOS block filter
Exposure:20 x 30s
Calibration:Dark (100 images), Sky-Flat (50 images)
Image Processing:Shift & add with correction of subpixel movement, improved noise reduction
Date of exposure:06 March 2011
Software:ArgusPro SE, color saturation enhanced with Photoshop CS3


Seeing around 4" (average)

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